Spiritual Healing

I became a Spiritual Healer in July 2012. After being a Reiki Master for many years it was for me a natural progression - enabling me to receive more beautiful healing energy streams. This was a 2 year training programme with an exam at the end of it - and was well worth the effort J

Healing is where the practitioner channels Universal energies through their body and out through their hands into another person. The energy being received helps to activate and re-balance the body’s natural healing abilities.

This is lovely and relaxing to give and receive and you may choose to sit on a chair or lie on the couch covered with a blanket or towels.

Once comfy you can then just allow your mind to drift off to where-ever you wish ~ a bluebell wood, fields of lavender, soft white sands and turquoise waters, walking along a peaceful tree lined path in the woods, sitting by a stream …the list is endless J


Many aches and pains may be relieved and Healing may also be helpful with easing stress and anxiety.

Healing sessions usually last between half an hour and an hour.