Bowen Technique

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Bowen is known as a ‘light touch’ therapy. By using fingers and thumbs the practitioner makes small rolling type moves at specific points of the body over muscles, ligaments, fascia and soft tissue. This appears to stimulate or relax – whichever is needed – the underlying soft tissue, nervous system and energy of the body. Bowen encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance. There is no massage or manipulation involved.


Everyone can be treated, from new born babies to the elderly and all in between!


After the initial consultation, the client usually lays down on the couch on his or her tummy – wearing light clothing and is then covered by large towels. The practitioner makes the first moves near the bottom of the back and then leaves the room for 2 or 3 minutes. This allows the body to take on board the ‘message’ that those first moves have given it without distraction.


This is the format of the treatment, but don’t be deceived into thinking that the practitioner isn’t doing very much; there is a lot of assessment happening, both by the body and by the practitioner as the treatment continues.


For most people the treatment is very relaxing, and some feel lovely sensations of warmth or tingling at certain times during the treatment.


Bowen may help with many health problems; from muscular skeletal through to asthma, hormone imbalances, anxiety, and may also be a great help for sports people before and/or after races/matches and also to help with recovery from illness, injury and surgery.


We do suggest a starting point of 3 or 4 treatments and the majority will have responded by then if Bowen is right for them; however, occasionally people who have had a problem for many years may need a couple of extra treatments before being able to decide your way forward – it’s always your choice.


Whatever your health issue is it is always worth giving me a ring and having a chat.